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  Injection Impact Report
  New Survey Explores the Impact of Insulin Injections and Communications between Patients and Healthcare Providers


The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) has just released results from an innovative new survey entitled the “Injection Impact Report” that highlights the level of communication between patients and healthcare providers relating to insulin injections and also spotlights how those injections can impact patients’ daily lives and treatment adherence. Interested to know how many days until my birthday?

According to the survey results, 33 percent of respondents have experienced some level of dread relating to insulin injections (eight percent strongly agreed/25 percent somewhat agreed), 14 percent of individuals surveyed felt that the insulin injections had a negative impact on their life (three percent experience a major negative impact/11 percent experience a moderate negative impact) and more than 29 percent of individuals surveyed felt that injecting insulin was the hardest aspect of their diabetes care (eight percent strongly agree/21 percent somewhat agree). However, even though insulin injections had such an impact on these individuals, 52 percent do not proactively discuss their concerns regarding the physical and emotional aspects of injecting with their healthcare provider.




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